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07 February 2019


Growing market and interesting product

This works well in the company

Company is active in a very interesting, future oriented field. Robotics as an efficient support for Therapies in the med Tech field. Overall of course a growing environment. The company showed a positive restructuring, which opens new opportunities.

This could be improved

Web Site as such should also be adjusted (which actually is planed) should be invited faster for an interview.

Translated from German

01 February 2019

Current employee

Companies with "start-up character"

This works well in the company

The transition to a dynamic, responsible culture of doing business with a unique high-tech product creates new energy and opportunities in a highly exciting, future-oriented and sustainable market environment.

This could be improved

To advance the culture of the makers and to extend the unique technology and product benefits to the future requirements in the field of neurorehabilitation in a user-oriented way.