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Die Emil Frey Gruppe ist eine führende Handelsgesellschaft der Schweizer Automobilbranche. Zu ihr gehören sowohl verschiedene Importbetriebe, welche ein schweizweit flächendeckendes Händlernetz betreuen, als auch Emil Frey Garagen sowie Finanzierungsgesellschaften und weitere Unternehmen im Dienstle...



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Translated from German

16 November 2018


lies and deception

Within 4 days they received a rejection that they allegedly have a better candidate. Someone who speaks 3 languages and has as much professional experience as I do can count on my fingers. HR occupational therapy. Emil Frey is neither to be recommended as an employee nor as a customer.

Translated from German

31 August 2018


Questionable statement of reasons

I thought this company was exemplary. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It looks like there are no real "professionals" there. Most likely they don't read the applications properly. I'm just disappointed.

Translated from German

20 February 2019


Very bad background without decency. Emil Frey AG has

This works well in the company

Good application sent. Never heard from again. Very questionable this company. No respect and not recommendable. Once and never again

This could be improved

More decency towards the applicants. Not recommended. I don't think you can allow it today to deal with applicants like that.


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