Stiftung Alterszentrum Region Bülach

Stiftung Alterszentrum Region Bülach
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Translated from German
Poor guide shaft

Right now, I'm still in a hired relationship. The leadership style of the management really leaves something to be desired. It is denounced, deceived, false allegations, etc. I cannot recommend this foundation as an employer. If I wasn't standing in front of the pension, I would have quit. Like many...more

Translated from German
About the books.

Yes... what goes well in the company :-) good question! Working hours are okay. The salary corresponds approximately to what one imagines.

The management level should be redesigned. A reorientation should take place. All rethinking, the management hotelerie is too little well trained. I don't know. The head of the foundation still has to learn "leadership". The whole constellation has to be reconsidered! Unfortunately, this has an effe...more

Translated from German
good teamwork

I think the Bülach Region Retirement Centre Foundation is very good because you helped me a lot when I was pregnant. They paid me maternity pay even though I was on a temporary contract. Had you paid me off everything and helped me a lot more ect. That had made me very happy and I would like to say...more

I find there are suggestions for improvement everywhere. But I'm not hired yet so I can't say where it needs to be improved.

Translated from German
Thumbs up

I have been working in the foundation for about 7 months now and feel very comfortable so far. I worked 5 months in a closed dementia department in a great team. But then I decided to switch to an open station, because this working environment suits me better. I was able to make this request without...more

I have already worked in several companies and in many cases the same problems prevail everywhere. However, what is important to me personally and prevents much dissatisfaction is open communication and respectful / appreciative interaction in all areas. This is not a suggestion for improvement but...more

Translated from German
I like working here!

- Progressive employment conditions and generous fringe benefits
- Pleasant and familiar working atmosphere
- Inclusion of our employees and regular information from the Executive Board

There is potential for improvement, feedback from employee surveys is taken seriously and improvements are implemented step by step.

Translated from German
A good team and good working hours were important to me.

I liked being in the foundation and appreciated the management very much. Because the PDL, management is very concerned about the employees, each problem is listened to personally and seeks a positive solution to the problem for all involved. Whether employees or BW have problems, they are always ha...more

There could be a bigger rest room for the non-smokers or even better several small rooms.

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