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X-BIONIC AG, Wollerau / CH is specialized in the Research and Development of High-Tech functional sportswear. We are the only sports brand in the world awarded 8 times in a row as "the most innovative brand" of the sportswear industry. Our patented technologies provide features that work (www.x-bion...more

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Translated from German

about 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

A grenade!

Great diversity in everyday life. One day you do sales, the other day you do marketing or administration. Everybody does everything! The lack of strategy and vision of board members enables workers to be as effective as a shotgun in the long run.

Chairpersons from attacking the physical and mental integrity of workers in everyday life. Stop threatening workers with dismissal if they refuse to work unpaid overtime.

Translated from German

about 1 year

Applicant, Unlimited employment

unique and different experience

stimulating environment. a lot of commitment but incredible results on a human level and personal satisfaction. sports events dedicated to employees. attention to personal inclinations: you enter with a role, but if you feel you have potential on something else, they put you in a position to develop...more

the potential is unbelievable... there is so much work for just as many staff present. the internal mechanisms are different from other companies. the way you develop strategies and approach projects at first puts you in crisis because it's different. then you bring out the character, you put yourse...more

Translated from German

over 3 years

Every day is different from how you plan it in the morning.
But that's what it is: Varied, exciting, diverse.
There's so much you can get into.
Of course, only if you want to. It's definitely not boring.
The superiors are young. You're more of a counselor than a "boss.
Of course, there's "one&q...more