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Stellenwerk AG

Sachbearbeiter Auftragsabwicklung und Kundendienst (80-100%, m/w)

Stellenwerk AG - Schlieren

Sie sind per sofort verfügbar und würden gerne in die Funktion als Ansprechsperson für telefonische Kundenanfragen und Auftragsbearbeitung ...
Stellenwerk AG

Dipl. Radiologiefachperon HF oder MTRA (m/w) 60-100%

Stellenwerk AG - Zürich

Die Gemeinschaftspraxis besteht aus Gynäkologen, Chirurgen, Onkologen, Radiologen, plastischen Chirurgen, Breast Care Nurses und in genetischer ...
Stellenwerk AG

Personal Assistant (Assistant to the VP)

Stellenwerk AG - Zürich

In this exciting position you will support myself and key members of the EMEA management teamYou will competently accompany CEO projects and provide s


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Translated from German
over 2 yearsApplicant

Too little interest and too general

They are very positive in the beginning, but if you have concrete questions, everything remains very general.
However, interest is quickly lost, you don't get an answer any more and they also don't get in touch any more, even if it was agreed in this way.
This is of course a personal opinion and exp...more

Translated from German
over 2 yearsExecutive / Manager

Dear applicant
Best thanks for the feedback. Your input helps us to improve. We are very sorry that you have not received an answer and that we have not kept our promises in your case. For this we apologize formally. We would like to improve ourselves and would be very pleased if you would contact u...more

Translated from German
over 2 yearsApplicant

Competent advice - competencies quickly captured

The interview in Chur was structured and my skills were assessed well. Opportunities on the labour market are realistically conveyed. I was able to take a temp position pretty quickly.

Translated from German
over 1 yearFormer employeeTemporary

Very friendly contact

Very friendly employees, and very many mediation possibilities.

There is always room for improvement, but I am very satisfied with the work of the employees.


Stellenwerk AG

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