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Toptip ist eine Schweizer Tochtergesellschaft der Coop-Genossenschaft, die Möbel- und Einrichtungsläden in der Schweiz betreibt. Das Unternehmen wurde 1954 als Bettwarenfabrik gegründet und 1994 an Coop verkauft. Der Hauptsitz von Toptip befindet sich in Oberentfelden im Kanton Aargau und das Untern...more

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Translated from German
almost 2 yearsCurrent employeeUnlimited employment

The same in green. (toptip means new livique)

The backing of Coop. Visiting days of the management (Coop). Pension fund contributions as well as the compensation one has as a Coopianer.

The questionable training of certain employees. Related to the headquarters in Oberentfelden, mainly customer service and the delivery team.
This also raises the question of what selection criteria these people have to meet?
Is that reflected in the company's guide...?

Translated from German
over 2 yearsCurrent employee

Very good working climate with good conditions

Toptip belongs to the Coop Group and is highly recommended as an employer. The working atmosphere is very friendly and the salary with the additional conditions of the Coop Group is definitely great.



Coop Genossenschaft
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