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Zur Rose Suisse AG
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Translated from German

Let an appointment pass, no feedback, no notification, something like that is unreliable, not serious.

Translated from German
Fast feedback and adjustment

Hired in record time, very professional guidance through the application process

Translated from German
Good interview

A pleasant conversation, you can feel the good corporate culture, prompt and well-founded feedback from the HR manager.

Translated from German
Great company, good employer

Unique company with outstanding market positioning, many motivated and committed employees

Office space, but a lot is going on here, assume that this time it will improve

Translated from German
Good working atmosphere, motivated employees and benefits

Great employees and great benefits. We are afraid of problems and we are looking for solutions. As an employee you feel valued and supported.

Internal communication policy could be improved. A lot is spun together in individual departments because too little communication comes from the upper floor which leads to rumours.

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