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Securitas AG - Regionaldirektion Zürich
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Translated from German
Bad organization.

Bad organization.
The team that organizes the schedule is really incompetent and does not respect the employees at all.

Translated from German

The input material desired by the company often has to be paid for itself. The working climate varies from department to department, but is usually moderate. Employees are treated according to sympathy: If there was an identical or similar situation, one employee gets off better than the other.

Translated from German

Free overtime is a must, very bad communication and organization, batteries have to be paid by yourself!

Translated from German
Disastrous employer

The only thing that works well is to optimize profits at the expense of employees and customers who will experience a quality that does not correspond to the facts.

Promotion of a pleasant working atmosphere. This includes well trained bosses who also have to develop strongly on a human level, finally pay a salary that corresponds to the performance, stop fleecing the employee's time. 220 hours a month at a subsistence minimum is no longer up to date, slavery h...more

Translated from German
When the going gets tough on Hart... everyone looks for himself

First you get a good impression,
until you get to know the business and the machinations
then the facade crumbles.

As a former employee you get the impression that not much has changed what you hear from former colleagues.
The upper cadres continue to drive in safety and do not care about the circumstances of the "lower" employees. There should be some changes in the hierarchy!!!

Translated from German
Flexible working options

I was offered exciting job opportunities that were flexibly tailored to my personal needs. I also find the training very good and helpful for the assignment. However, wage supplements are likely to be even higher.

Translated from German
Interesting work and good remuneration

I am and have always been satisfied. You take every employee seriously. Good bosses and colleagues

Translated from German
Exciting applications

Versatile and exciting applications. Great colleagues. Superiors are always helpful.

Translated from German
Quick adjustment at the expense of wages

Fast recruitment process, this has both advantages and disadvantages.
In general, the typical Securitas is either a student looking for a part-time job or an aging person who has had to leave their former job for cost reasons.

Depending on the area of activity, strong potential for improvement in planning and management may be necessary. Due to the fact that one often does not work at only one place of employment, the working conditions are strongly fluctuating.
The working clothes hardly protect against the weather and t...more

Translated from German
Better always works

Diversified and varied tasks, one can also change to other fields of activity and work flexibly.
Besides, I am lucky to have a good boss who supports me.

There are very good bonuses depending on the field of activity, but it would be better if everyone could benefit from them.

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