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S4FE is a decentralized search network for property, i.e. physical objects, that is based on blockchain technology. Similar to the wide spread search-engines on the Internet, users can add and search entries, with the difference, that within the S4FE network such entries are physical objects. In add...more

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9 months

Applicant, Freelance

Top Firma

Very well structured and determined company. Innovative idea with the potential to be used worldwide.

The company's profile must be increased in the medium term. The broad masses must understand the background and goals of the network and recognize the clear advantages.


about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

DAS Start-Up 2019!

Sehr dynamisch, zukunftsorientiert und halt eine echte Revolution.

Da S4FE sehr schnell wächst, haben wir zu viel zu tun und brauchen rasch Unterstützung.