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Erni Technik AG - Luzern

Begeisterungsfähigkeit, Belastbarkeit, Eigenverantwortung, Innovationskraft, Polymechanik, Unternehmerisches Denken


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8 months

Current employee, Internship

Chaos and intimidation

There is a lot of variety: even as a skilled worker you are used everywhere: filling up cooling water, mending machines, finding tools, operating several machines in parallel, etc.

Everything runs in "manual mode". Work processes are unsafe. Employees are intimidated and constantly criticized. Unqualified employees are often overtaxed with parallel tasks. Equipment is very outdated (hardly any investments are made). There is chaos in many things. Encourage the front of the lin...more


Erni Technik AG

Schachenhof 4
6014 Luzern