Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Advisor


  • Publication date:

    10 November 2022
  • Workload:

  • Contract:

    Unlimited employment
  • Place of work:

    Ecublens VD

Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Advisor


Global Support Office (GSO) position based in Ecublens, Switzerland. Travel to supported Medair country programmes for up to 2-3 months per year. The possibility of remote working, or other locations may be considered, conditions apply. Swiss or those with a valid work permit for Switzerland, can apply.

Starting Date & Initial Contract Details

As soon as possible. Full-time, 24 months.

Role Overview

Work under the supervision of the International Programme Quality Manager and in a functional relationship with the Country Directors of supported country programmes to strengthen field team’s MEAL capacity and support them in developing MEAL strategy. The MEAL Advisor will be responsible for oversight and quality assurance of the MEAL in the designated region, including matrix management and technical leadership and support of the MEAL Managers in their role related to the MEAL functions.

Project Overview

Medair Global Support Office (GSO) provides operational guidance for country programmes, along with both technical and compassionate support for our relief workers. Within our headquarters and affiliate offices, we are also responsible for promoting the work of Medair to the world, raising and managing the funds needed to run our life-saving and sustaining programmes, and recruiting international and GSO staff. Medair’s International Programmes team oversees and supports all the Medair country programmes, as well as providing technical sectoral expertise, MEAL advice, security advice and Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) capacity.

Key Activity Areas

Strategy and system

  • Ensure appropriation of global MEAL vision and strategy by country programmes and collaborate on development of context specific MEAL strategies at country level. Provide guidance to country programmes on development of MEAL SOPs to guide the roll-out of a standardized methodology across the supported country programmes.

  • Ensure that MEAL in-country teams have efficient and effective MEAL systems in place including standard operation. Carry out country-based MEAL capacity assessments to establish baselines for MEAL system strengthening.

  • Facilitate the development of MEAL strategies and Action Plans, for the development of MEAL systems for each supported country programme with the Sector Advisors, senior management in-country and MEAL Managers.

  • Support the development/strengthening, and guidance around, the implementation of country-level MEAL systems, and project level MEAL plans, linked field-oriented tools and guidelines.

  • Ensure all country programmes in the region are fully aware of Medair Core Humanitarian Standards Commitments related to MEAL and that they are being implemented.

  • Support AAP focal points in each supported country programme to have robust systems in place for beneficiary accountability, integrated in MEAL systems, in accordance with Medair’s commitment to the Core Humanitarian Standard.

  • Advise on and support development/reviews and/or rollout of policies, strategies, MEAL systems and guidelines at global, regional and country levels, including Accountability to Affected People (AAP) and championing integration of AAP and Community Engagement.

  • Advocate for adequate staffing and budget to support MEAL activities at country programme level and provide recommendations on the organizational chart of MEAL departments to relevant country programmes. Contribute to the hiring of country MEAL staff (MEAL Managers, MEAL Senior Officers, and external Consultants), and to capacity building and strengthening of MEAL staff.

  • Advocate for and engage senior leadership in the region (Heads of Country Programmes, Sector Advisors, Country Directors, and Deputy Country Directors) for development of an annual country level MEAL Plan that includes which project/programme evaluations (internally and externally led) are planned each year with associated adequate budget to support evaluation activities.

  • Provide input, as appropriate, on the development of global systems connected to MEAL (such as Portfolio) and quality standards (such as QPIs, Sphere, CHS etc) as requested.


Technical Support to in-country MEAL departments/Teams

  • Advice and support the MEAL Manager to work with project team to develop, monitor and communicate technical strategy.

  • Work with MEAL manager and the team to implement measures to improve how information is generated and disseminated.

  • Work with MEAL manager on internal communications and knowledge management ensuring project team has access to and uses requisite technical evidence, knowledge and resources.

  • Develop and oversee data quality assurance training and implementing data quality assurance processes for project deliverables. Advise on and quality assure the Medair Annual reporting processes.

  • Advice on development and implementation of activities in-country to strengthen delivery and update of project-generated evidence. Identify and advise on practices and lessons learnt to improve MEAL functions and overall project performance.

  • Advise on and quality assure outputs of external consultants.

  • Support the MEAL Managers planning and conducting routine data quality assessments and data quality audits.

  • Support the MEAL Managers planning and conducting, in mid-term evaluations, end-of-project evaluations, and provide guidance on all surveys including needs assessments, baselines, post distribution monitoring, KPCs, SMART surveys etc.

  • Responsible for data validation of survey results whether conducted by Medair country MEAL staff or external consultant.

  • Contribute to and advise on proposal writing and provide direct MEAL support for supported country programs as needed.


Standardize tools at regional level and ensure a regular follow-up on donors’ requirements on MEAL

  • Support, coordinate and harmonize M&E practices within country programmes and across the region.

  • Provide guidance and technical recommendations regarding the development of needs assessments at country level, where requested (including gender sensitive and protection considerations).

  • Promote data intelligence, the gathering of data for forecasting purposes, that will help country programmes to be better prepared for expansion into new sectors and expanding programming into new regions within the country.

  • Engage with senior MEAL staff of other iNGOs within the region and ensure Medair is well represented and active int any existing iNGOs MEAL forums in the region (advocate for one if non-existent).

  • Ensure that Medair M&E tools respond effectively to donor requirements.

  • Improve or disseminate M&E tools in coordination with GSO and MEAL Managers at country level and facilitate implementation within the country programmes.


Contribute to quality improvement

  • Provide advice and support on data quality assurance to all Medair country programmes in the supported region.

  • Train, capacity-build MEAL and programme teams in the region on Data Quality Assurance.

  • Support the country programmes in donor-commissioned data quality audits, in mid-term and final reviews and provide guidance on field monitoring and evaluations. Conduct in-house program quality audits.

  • Promote the application of good practices including community engagement and participatory approaches in needs assessments and program design. Contribute to and support operational and implementation research initiatives by Medair or collaboration between Medair and external research/academics.

  • Engage with diverse internal and external stakeholders (other INGOs, donors, etc...) to share experiences and advocate for best practices around MEAL. Contribute to relevant Global Support Office (GSO) initiatives as needed.


Reinforce accountability and learning at regional level and facilitate an evidence-based programming

  • Support the timely adoption/adaptation and rolling out of AAP across all countries in the region.

  • Lead and encourage the MEAL Managers in strengthening and rolling out their accountability and learning frameworks, providing regular communication flows and sharing of best practices.

  • Ensure timely integration of AAP and community engagement.

  • Contribute to evidence-based research (through implementation of research or strategic research initiatives).


Strengthen Regional MEAL community

  • Boost Regional MEAL community and participate in the international MEAL community forums.

  • Contribute to the development of capacity building initiatives for the regional MEAL community.

  • Contribute to the running of the MEAL Community of Practice (global and regional).


Team Spiritual life

  • Reflect the vision and values of Medair with team members, local staff, beneficiaries, and external contacts

  • Fully contribute to the rich spiritual life of the team, including team devotions, prayers, and words of encouragement. Live, work and pray together in our Christian faith-based team settings.

  • Instigate and contribute to prayer times within international recruited staff and GSO teams.

This job description covers the main tasks that are anticipated. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary.


  • Master’s degree (minimum).

  • Postgraduate degree or equivalent experience in public health, epidemiology, social studies, humanitarian action, international development.

  • Demonstrated training and experience in MEAL of international humanitarian or international development programmes using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

  • Postgraduate degree in statistics, epidemiology or public health, health economics.

  • Excellent English (spoken and written). French or Arabic desirable.


  • At least 5 years minimum experience in measurement and evaluation of international programmes – including public health, emergency nutrition, disaster risks management etc. – in development and relief settings.

  • Demonstrated success in developing and implementing MEAL strategies.

  • At least 5 years proven experience with managing humanitarian M&E systems including logical framework and M&E plan design, conducting quantitative, qualitative and participatory surveys at field level, training in M&E planning and implementation, and report and proposal writing.

  • Ability to process and synthesise large amounts of complex data into readable formats against tight deadlines desirable.

  • Experience or knowledge of working and living in relevant regions/contexts.

  • Proficiency using SPSS, STATA, or SAS and/or SMART –ENA software.

  • Experience working with Sphere and CHS standards.

  • Specific experience of designing and managing FCDO, BHA, ECHO and other major donor projects.

  • Leadership, problem solving, communication skills, self-motivation, hard-working, committed to team-building and able to develop, coach and support other team members.

  • Values diversity and inclusion, sees it as a source of competitive strength.


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