Sonographer (Echocardiography) 80-100%

Key information

  • Publication date:

    28 May 2024
  • Workload:

    80 – 100%
  • Contract type:

    Unlimited employment
  • Place of work:

Über das USZ
01.08.2024 or by agreement
  • Performing transthoracic echocardiographies
  • Application of modern methods (Strain, 3D) and contrast (Sonovue, 'bubbles')
  • Evaluation of echocardiographies and writing related reports
  • Participation in echocardiographic studies including acquisition and analysis of data
  • Performing stress echocardiographies in case of interest
  • Assistance in the performance of TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram)
  • Candidate should possess patient care abilities
  • Education and training in echocardiography
  • Practical experience in echocardiography (experience in cardiology is an advantage)
  • Interest in new echocardiographic methods (3D, strain)
  • Motivation for further training and involvement in clinical studies
  • Enjoy working in a large echocardiography laboratory at a university hospital
  • Ability to work in a team, resilience, and independence
We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment that inspires respect. Our department is committed and motivated to support all members of our team. The position presents an excellent opportunity to work in a fast paced environment using state of the art technology to perform echocardiograms in a teaching hospital. A comprehensive and formal training into the role is very important to us.
Universitätsspital Zürich
8091 Zürich