Director of Finance and Administration

World YMCA


Key information

A brilliant opportunity to anchor the work of one of the world’s largest youth empowerment organisations, in the sound management of its financial and human resources.


World YMCA seeks to appoint a new Director of Finance and Administration. Reporting to the Secretary-General and as part of the Senior Leadership Team, this role is crucial for overseeing the organization’s financial operations and supporting its global mission.

The responsibilities include strategic financial management, such as budgeting and forecasting, as well as managing day-to-day financial operations, accounting services, and compliance with financial reporting requirements. The role also involves overseeing investment management, ensuring compliance with tax and legal regulations, and managing risks.

Additionally, the Director will manage the Finance and Administration team, ensuring they meet critical deadlines and maintain a high standard of service across the organization's financial, governance, and property management functions. A key element of the role is to manage the Human Resources functions of a team of 12 people, including staff recruitment, payroll, and fostering a positive organizational culture.

World YMCA seeks an exceptional candidate who should be a qualified accountant with at least ten years of senior-level audit or financial management experience, possessing strong analytical, diplomatic and communications skills, and being at ease with the Christian ethos of the organisation and its expression in inclusiveness. The role may also require travel and involves significant leadership and compliance responsibilities to support the organization's strategic goals and ensure financial sustainability.

The application deadline is 31 May 2024.

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