Senior Legal Advisor

Leva Capital Partners AG

Leva Capital Partners AG

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Infos sur l'emploi

  • Date de publication :

    13 mai 2024
  • Taux d'activité :

    60 – 100%
  • Type de contrat :

    Durée indéterminée
  • Salaire:

    CHF 120 000 min. /an
  • Langue :

    allemand (Courant), anglais (Courant)

LEVA is building a cutting-edge software ecosystem for private markets, integrating essential services such as legal, financial, and tax accounting within a single operating system. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of the private markets which have not experienced innovation in the past 30 years and are still related to outdated processes. The venture capital industry is where we started, working with leading venture capital firms, family offices, asset management firms and emerging managers, but 2024 is a transformative year when we will expand to multiple new asset classes.


At Leva we are building the tools for a new breed of investors that they need to fund the winners of tomorrow. If you are eager to be part of this change, join a fast-growing and innovative young company and be part of the next growth phase. 



A day in the life of a Senior Legal Advisor: 

As a Senior Legal Advisor, you represent the cornerstone of the company with a close relationship with the management. You orchestrate collaboration between internal and external legal teams, ensuring our business goals are met with precision. Partnering closely with Operations and Business Development, you provide essential legal support for both new and existing customers. With considerable legal autonomy, you craft strategies to tackle projects, old and new. Swift drafting and review of various legal documents are vital, given the dependency of multiple internal teams on your expertise. You're not just an advisor; you're the driving force behind our legal success. 


As a Senior Legal Advisor you will: 

  • Efficient problem-solving: Strategize the most efficient approaches to tackle legal-related business challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes while mitigating risks. 
  • Document drafting expertise: Skillfully draft a variety of legal documents tailored to meet the needs of our diverse stakeoholder base, maintaining accuracy and compliance. 
  • Stakeholder collaboration: Lead collaborative efforts with external legal stakeholders (e.g. Group of several law firms), fostering strong relationships and aligning strategies to achieve shared objectives. 
  • Operational and business support: Provide comprehensive legal support to the Operations and Business Development teams, guiding them through legal intricacies to facilitate smooth operations and strategic growth. 
  • Compliance partnership: Collaborate closely with the Compliance department to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards, safeguarding the company's reputation and integrity. 
  • Market launch investigations: Investigate and explore legally sound strategies for launching new products to the market, balancing innovation with regulatory compliance to drive successful market entry. 

Your qualifications: 


  • Tech-savvy: Exceptional proficiency in technology and a deep understanding of how technology can leverage legal work, enabling the adoption of innovative tools and strategies to streamline legal processes, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks in a tech-driven environment. 
  • Legal expertise: Comprehensive knowledge spanning corporate law, contract law, and other pertinent areas, tailored to both general legal practice and the intricacies of private financial markets, including familiarity with Swiss and EU legal frameworks. 
  • Analytical skills: Proficiency in dissecting complex legal issues unique to private financial markets, discerning risks, and crafting innovative solutions that meet regulatory standards and business objectives, while considering Swiss and EU legal requirements. 
  • Communication skills: Exceptional ability to convey legal concepts effectively through articulate written documents and persuasive verbal communication, crucial for negotiating agreements and advising stakeholders within the context of Swiss and EU legal frameworks. 
  • Collaboration: Strong aptitude for cross-functional collaboration within the private financial sector, working seamlessly with Operations, Business Development, and Compliance teams to devise innovative legal strategies that comply with Swiss and EU regulations. 
  • Outside-the-box-thinking: Capacity to think creatively and devise unconventional legal approaches to address complex challenges within private financial markets, ensuring compliance with Swiss and EU regulations while maximizing returns. 
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulousness in reviewing legal documents specific to private financial transactions, ensuring precision and compliance with regulatory requirements and investor preferences, including those outlined by Swiss and EU laws. 
  • Strategic thinking: Ability to think strategically, aligning legal strategies with long-term company objectives within the context of private financial markets, while considering potential implications and opportunities arising from Swiss and EU legal landscapes. 
  • Problem-solving: Proficiency in efficiently resolving legal challenges unique to private financial markets, employing innovative thinking to balance investor interests, regulatory compliance, and business objectives, while adhering to Swiss and EU legal requirements. 
  • Adaptability: Agility in adapting to the dynamic nature of private financial markets and evolving legal landscapes, enabling effective decision-making and capitalization on emerging opportunities while mitigating risks within the Swiss and EU legal frameworks. 
  • Ethical standards: Unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards and professional integrity within the private financial sector, ensuring trust, compliance, and the long-term sustainability of business operations, while adhering to Swiss and EU legal regulations. 


Education and Background 

  • Advanced degree: Possession of an advanced degree such as a Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration, Master of Law & Economic, or Master of Laws from a reputable institution, providing a strong foundation in law, business, or relevant field. 
  • Startup experience: Demonstrated experience working in startup environments, preferably with a track record of success in scaling operations, navigating challenges inherent to startups, and contributing to company growth. 
  • Industry expertise: In-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific industry or sector in which the startup operates, enabling strategic decision-making, identifying market opportunities, and addressing industry-specific challenges. 
  • Multilingual proficiency: Fluent in both German and English, with proficiency in additional languages considered advantageous. 
  • Leadership experience: Proven leadership experience in previous roles, showcasing the ability to lead teams, drive initiatives, and make impactful decisions that contribute to the success and growth of the startup. 
  • Investment and finance acumen: Strong understanding of investment principles, financial management, and fundraising strategies relevant to startups, including experience in securing funding, managing budgets, and optimizing financial performance to drive company valuation growth. 
  • Residency in Switzerland: Requirement of living in Switzerland, ensuring proximity to the startup's operations and facilitating effective engagement with local stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and the business ecosystem. 

 Some of the vast rewards working here: 

  • Immerse yourself in a young, diverse and inclusive community that fosters innovation and creativity at every turn. 
  • Embrace a culture of belonging, where teammates are empowered to contribute ideas and take decisive action. 
  • Access full support and career-development resources to expand your skills, enhance your expertise, and maximize your potential along your career journey. 
  • Seize the opportunity for rapid professional growth in a dynamic work environment where your impact drives success. 
  • Embrace our hybrid flexible working model, offering the ideal balance of autonomy and collaboration.

Application process: 

Are you our new Leva family member? Please submit your resume and cover letter outlining your motivation and relevant experience to hiring((at)) Deadline for applications is 31st of May. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 


Leva is committed to fostering a workplace where everyone has an equal chance to thrive. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds to apply, valuing the unique contributions each individual brings to our team




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