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Mit über 27 Jahren erfolgreicher Tätigkeit am Markt vom Fachspezialisten und Kader bis Stufe GL - von Mensch zu Mensch - der Mensch steht bei uns im Vordergrund - wir begleiten Sie!

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Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern

Controller mit Affinität zu ERP-Systemen

Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern - Bern

abwechslungsreiche und breitgefächerte Herausforderung im Controlling-Umfeld einer Spitzenunternehmung
11 Jun
Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern

Leiter Controlling

Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern - Bern

Führungsaufgabe im Controlling-Umfeld eines wachsenden Unternehmens im Gesundheitsmarkt
10 Jun
Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern

Business Partner als Controller

Urs Ledermann & Partner AG, Bern - Bern

Anspruchsvolle Managementaufgabe im Controlling in Bern
07 Jun


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Translated from German

over 2 years

Applicant, Unlimited employment

Efficiency, supercooled, disparaging, superficial

This assessment is based on self-made experiences from 2 application processes, which were almost identical. Contact already 21 days after dispatch of the application and only once follow-up, with following invitation to the discussion. Date was postponed only once (due to urgent short term). Welcom...more

A short acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours and then either a rejection or invitation within 1 to 2 weeks would be desirable. The advertisement on is very generic and for months always exactly the same, a reference to a real job would save a lot of time and displeasure. The questions...more

Translated from German

over 3 years

Once the company was able to successfully place me, everything fitted very well. Mr. Grimm was interested in me as a person and helped me competently with a job of his own choice. In a second attempt, however, I was disappointed. Mr. Kienle had little interest in my needs and apparently already had...more

Translated from German

10 months

Applicant, Internship

The first impression counts

In my opinion, customer experience also applies to recruiters - this includes, for example, respectful conversation. It's a pity if you are already rebuked during the first telephone contact - the interest in a position is lost immediately.

Someone who answers the phone for information shows honest interest - this should be appreciated accordingly, so that one does not get the impression that the question is a nuisance. Otherwise, in the future it is better not to publish a telephone number in the advertisement.