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Today Bucherer is one of Europe's biggest watch and jewelry retail chains. Looking back on a long tradition, Bucherer today offers an international clientele probably the largest choice of Rolex watches anywhere and a wide choice of luxury watches from well-known brands. At the heart of the jewelry...

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Bucherer AG, Carl F. Bucherer

Sachbearbeiter Verkaufsinnendienst (m/w/d)

Bucherer AG, Carl F. Bucherer - Luzern

Prägen Sie unser Sales Back Office und werden Sie Teil einer einzigartigen CFB Family.
Published: 03 August 2022

Data Warehouse Entwickler (m/w/d)


Wir bieten Ihnen ausgesprochen vielseitige Aufgaben in einem anspruchsvollen internationalen Umfeld.
Published: 25 July 2022
Bucherer AG

CRM Product Owner (m/w/d)

Bucherer AG - Luzern

Bucherer ist europaweit die führende Marke im Handel von hochwertigen Uhren und Schmuck. Permanente Inspiration unserer Kundschaft, perfekte ...
Published: 25 July 2022



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Translated from German

21 December 2018

Current employee

Mobbing is supported by HR!

Many employees remain in this company (Bucherer headquarters) only because they either have little chance on the job market or because of their proximity to their place of residence. Among the well-trained employees between the ages of 25 and 45, the fluctuation rate is very high. The leadership is...

Translated from German

30 January 2019

HR responsible

A central role of the human resources department is to identify the most important development areas of the organization and to reflect opportunities and risks back to the management. The open and direct exchange with our employees helps us in this. Our traditional company attaches great importance...

Translated from German

08 January 2019


Cancellation after acceptance!!!

This works well in the company

The application process was a farce. As a customer, I thought a lot of the company before.

This could be improved

At first it was a very sluggish communication. Interview dates were postponed again and again. After 2 bizarre interviews I got a promise... but on the same day in the evening a cancellation! I couldn't believe it. In my experience, dealing with applicants is unacceptable.

28 December 2018

Former employee

Bad company for employees

This works well in the company

Economical successful company with high potential, but structures and values are missing.

This could be improved

The management is very poor. The HR as well. They have to learn how to treat employees with respect. Lots of valuable employees are leaving. The management has no international mindset. They think very local and are not open for new ways.

Translated from German

30 January 2019

HR responsible

Our successful growth in recent years has presented our employees and our company with new opportunities and challenges. Management in particular is more challenged than ever. We attach great importance to adhering to the jointly defined corporate values that bind us all together as the basic attitu...