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05 June 2018


the worst experience ever

They were quick enough to get me on their books but no help at all after. I called a few times but could not speak to the contact person, she was going to call back but never did, neither did she ever reply to my e-mails. The staff is unfriendly and very unprofessional.

24 May 2018


Worst recruitment agency ever

Unskilled staff, I've been chasing them for weeks without getting any feedback. And don't get me wrong, I have a high profile and other agencies are fighting to propose me roles but with Michael Page Zurich is the other way.. Worst experience ever with a recruitment agency. If I was the managing dir...

Translated from German

31 May 2018


Usually inadequate

Unfortunately hardly any contact, answers have to be fought hard and if the profile is finally considered for a vacancy, there is no follow-up. Over the years, the responsible consultants change again and again, but the poor performance unfortunately remains constant. Neither a professional nor app...

Translated from German

17 April 2018


no feedback

many applications sent, never received an answer, neither positive nor negative, unprofessional

Translated from German

09 May 2019

Former employee

Good working climate, but very bad leadership

This works well in the company

The team cohesion is unique, you work with great people who have the same goals.

This could be improved

The management and organisation of the company are catastrophic. Personally, I have often felt very badly treated and sometimes insulted. One is forced to work overtime, although the work has long been done, something like that unnecessary... The management team fills its positions because they are...

Translated from German

30 March 2018


Doubt that all the jobs they advertise exist.

Being honest with candidates and hiring competent recruiters would be a good start.

Translated from German

07 March 2018


Select candidates by system and not by potential

Provider proceeds according to system. If a criterion does not fit, you fall out of the system. Unfortunately there is no 100% suitable person for any job!

04 June 2018

Current employee

Happy to work for Michael Page

All of the candidates (I meet in person) get my business card. They can contact me via email, landline or mobile phone. Frankly I do not agree with some of the comments below some people complaining that they do not get a reply at all. Even if a consultant is on vacation, one can call the reception....

Translated from German

03 June 2018


Successful job placement in 2017

In 2017, I applied for a job. After about 6 weeks I was successfully placed. Many of the comments I read here at probably come from frustrated applicants who were not placed. The automatic e-mail clearly states that only those candidates will be contacted who will be shortlisted. Before you...

Translated from German

26 April 2018


No feedback from the applications

Unprofessional processing of applications, receives no feedback, compared to other companies currently not recommended.

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