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Die Universitäre Altersmedizin FELIX PLATTER (UAFP) in Basel vereint die spezialisierten Bereiche akute Altersmedizin, Alterspsychiatrie und Rehabilitation unter dem Dach eines der innovativsten Gebäude dieser Art. Sie arbeiten in grosszügigen, hellen Räumen und mit einer topmodernen Infrastruktur....



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08 Oktober 2018

Former employee

no thanks

Nursing disaster. Performance is not valued. High fluctuation. Constant understaffing in the wards. The MA who leave often leave frustrated and at odds....

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13 März 2019

Current employee

Bad working climate

This works well in the company

Bad working atmosphere, no processes, bad communication. Appreciation is a foreign word. The superiors are concerned with standing up well to the Board of Directors and they are corpses for that. No benefits, no job ticket either...

This could be improved

Seeing employees not as numbers, but as people...

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24 Januar 2019

Current employee

after 8 years

This works well in the company

The team was great. Have nothing more to say. It's been a lot of better times....

This could be improved

Management position unprofessional, working hours always worse, % or part-time no longer desired and with specific regulations. TOTAL is disappointed after so many years of working there and forgets it so quickly, one sad thing is that you can't work part-time anymore....


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Universitäre Altersmedizin FELIX PLATTER

Burgfelderstrasse 101
4055 Basel


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