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Die Karl Vögele AG ist ein Schweizer Schuhdetailhandelsunternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Uznach SG. Das Unternehmen verfügt mit der Marke Vögele Shoes über ein attraktives Portfolio an Damen-, Herren-, Kinder- und Sportschuhen in sich ergänzenden Segmenten. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt in gut 100 Filial...

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Translated from German

31 December 2018

Current employee

Unequal treatment

This works well in the company

The employees in the regions stick together and defend themselves against unfair decisions. This happens because the works council does not have the courage to address issues. This does not suit the superiors, because the employees have a greater voice and thus a direct power....

This could be improved

Things have been getting worse since the takeover. The new donors expect results that they have been promised. In fact, only now (after the good employees have left) can you see how the company is run: Rationalize others away before you become a target yourself. The time has long since been missed w...

Translated from German

24 October 2018

Current employee

Go for more

Good prices are nice and right, but every customer should be aware of who or what he supports with his purchase. The employees are expected to be 100% flexible and reachable, at the same time starvation wages are paid and lowest weekly hours are given, so that one cannot even cover the cost of livin...

Translated from German

12 January 2019

Current employee

Fair wages?

This works well in the company

Big conferences at which big tones are spit out what is to be achieved in Switzerland....

This could be improved

Stop saving on staff! With this hourly wage you can hardly live it anymore! Better one action less, but fair wages for us....


Karl Vögele AG

Burgerfeldstrasse 15
8730 Uznach