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Translated from German

over 2 years

Former employee

but not

We can only advise against employment in this company as long as nothing changes in the management.
There is actually only one topic of conversation in the company. At some point, you just want to leave.

Translated from German

almost 2 years

Former employee, Unlimited employment

Not to be recommended.

The salary is paid on time on the 25th of the month.

working atmosphere:
There's a strange kind of anxiety going on. It is to be expected at all times that certain leaders will fall into hysterical choleric situations as a result of trivialities.

Supervisor behavior:
The direct superiors are absol...more

Corporate governance must arrive in the 21st century. Decisions must be delegated (there are budgets for something). New concepts must be able to be discussed instead of simply being rejected.

Communication channels must be clearly defined and adhered to.

Translated from German

about 2 years

Current employee, Unlimited employment

Very good atmosphere, helpful, cooperative

I find the working atmosphere very good, all employees are helpful even in hectic situations and there is a collegial relationship. Experience and knowledge are always shared by long-standing employees. No one is left out in the rain. The leadership style in sales/distribution is very cooperative. O...more

This is an SME, career opportunities are limited but there is always a way to develop further.



Claridenstrasse 20
8022 Zürich