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Translated from German

15 November 2018

Former employee

too few stakes

I want to be honest. this job is badly paid and you can not live from the hours you get. this is only what for housewives who have a man or retired. I was disappointed but also other people who worked there.

Translated from German

11 January 2018

Worked a year at Homeinstead. Not to be recommended. Bad working climate, leadership is not good, chaotic business.

Translated from German

05 February 2018

I like both the collegial hand-in-hand work on 24-hour orders and the individual assignments with customers, as well as the appreciative manner in which they work in the office. The assignments are very varied and are always geared to the most important current customer requirements. The introductio...

Translated from German

15 April 2019

Former employee

Not a good experience

This works well in the company

I was also on HomeInstead for 1 year and I am very disappointed. I had almost no assignments and despite my SRK badge I am very badly paid. I recommend this employer only to those who are not necessarily dependent on a fixed salary. Communication in the office is very poor. One hand doesn't know wha...

This could be improved

In internal communication and in wages. There should be a contemporary employment.

Translated from German

29 December 2017

Home Instead is a very personal private Spitex. The carers are mostly elderly experienced people who carry out their ministry with dedication and creativity. The elderly people feel accepted and supported in their needs. It often happens that the self-esteem of customers increases and their everyday...

Translated from German

19 December 2017

Bad working climate. I don't like the way you're looked after. Not recommended

Translated from German

07 January 2018

I have been working at Home Instead for 6 years and have been thrilled from the start to see how well caregivers are assigned to the right customers based on their experience and inclinations. The care understanding is wonderful. Of course you do all the necessary work, but you also spend free time...

Translated from German

22 January 2018

I've been working at Home Instead Bern for almost 2 years. The care of the elderly is a matter close to my heart. Serving seniors with a smile is underpinned with a lot of gratitude. I also feel very well accompanied through the office. In case of questions the whole team is always competent and fri...

Translated from German

20 January 2018

I have been working at Home Instead Bern for almost 4 years. I go with a beam to my seniors every time I'm deployed. These assignments are a matter close to my heart. Above all, I am very well accompanied by the office and thus receive a lot of respect and dignity.

Translated from German

19 January 2018

I've been working at Home Instead Bern for 4 years. One respects with dignity by the staff extremely. The principle of the open door really applies, which I really appreciate.