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Translated from German
Here as a buyer - with pleasure!

Professional handling, very interesting position - company and executives make a competent and lasting impression.

Translated from German

Worst company I've ever worked for. Shift model and pay, borders on exploitation, employees come and go because of working conditions. If a company has continuously advertised 20-30 jobs one should ask oneself why? Because most people don't last longer than 1-2 years.

Translated from German
luckily away

As shift workers, the conditions and above all the pay became worse from year to year. In addition a layer model (7/2) which offers hardly any recovery.

Translated from German
imminent danger

The company's got a hell of a personnel policy. The principle is, everyone is replaceable. In the company where I work now, people from there constantly apply, and I know very few of them, even those from my former plant. The staff changes quickly and the employees are burned with bad equipment and...more

Translated from German
look better somewhere else

Shift model is the last one, rather low. No recommendation.
So please think carefully.

Translated from German

Commitment is rewarded. I like to work here - recommendable for people who want to think with me and make a difference!

Translated from German

Es wird beim Bewerbungsprozess ein hoher Aufwand betrieben......................................

When interviewing for a job, one should not approach the tactic of talking down applicants... In order to keep wages low, for example, the shift system is also inhuman.... Further training is not possible with the system without further ado. There's too many companies out there to have to do this to...more

Translated from German
Challenge and encourage

There are many points where Dottikon is strong: you are very quickly introduced to practical work, you get challenging tasks in exciting projects and a lot of responsibility. The mood and the contact among each other are friendly and one pulls together at a rope. The equipment meets modern standards...more

Translated from German

Those who get involved are rewarded - financially, but also with more responsibility and trust.

Translated from German
serious appearance, but problems with the contract

Structured approach (but surprising for the applicant), looks serious. Married and open information.

If you agree 42.5 h/week contractually, the long-term expectation cannot be 45 h/week, something is wrong ... I find it exemplary that one is pointed out (not all companies do that), but reprehensible that it is expected (contradictory to the contract)...

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