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Technical Program Manager, Edge Network

Google Switzerland GmbH - Zürich

CIM, CODECO, Design, ENTIRE, Eigenverantwortung, Führung, Führungsqualitäten, Google, Google+, Hardware, ISP, IT-Netzwerk, IT-Testing, ...

Strategic Partner Manager, Ads Planning and Validation

Google Switzerland GmbH - Zürich

AdTech, Allianzenmanagement, Analytisches Denken, Aufgeschlossenheit, Ausdauer, CIM, Effizienz, Einfallsreichtum, Führung, Führungsqualitäten, ...

Technical Program Manager, Apps Incident Management, G Suite

Google Switzerland GmbH - Zürich

Android, Applikation, CIM, Design, ENTIRE, Führungsqualitäten, Google, IT System Architecture, Incident Management, Leitung Public Relations, ...


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Translated from German
over 1 year
unfortunately nothing heard

From google one hears mostly only positive unfortunately some applications remain however unanswered. I usually expect a lot of competition, especially from such a company. At least a refusal would be nice.

Translated from German
over 2 years

My college from school works at Google. I heard only positive and I am enthusiastic.
I would very much like to be part of such a large and remarkable company.

Translated from French
9 months
Former employee
Supplementary income
Excellent review for the best box, hire me

Apart from the fact that it is the best company in the world, I couldn't think of anything better.

A few, but well.... Nothing is perfect. Like for example: too much sugar in coffee. Well, that's the kind of flaws Google can have. Again, there are so many of them in this corporation that they will solve the sugar bugs in no time.


Google Switzerland GmbH

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