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29 Juli 2018

Former employee

Rather to be discouraged

The contact is nice as long as you work and say "yes" to everything. The plant management does what you think, as long as numbers are correct everything is obviously allowed. The appearance to the outside (image etc.) is very good but unfortunately does not correspond to practice. If one complain...

Translated from German

18 Juni 2018


"Trial Works"

Unfortunately, I didn't read the mails that day, and I had the cancellation in the mailbox at the same time as the day for the rehearsal. Only nobody told me that (consciously?) there (rogue who thinks evil) the crew was surprised that I didn't come from a temporary company to help out. Logically, f...

Translated from German

25 September 2018

Former employee

count numbers

Unfortunately for the employer, the only thing that matters is the numbers. The employees are not treated correctly. If you don't accept that, you have to go. Sad but true....

Translated from German

19 Oktober 2018

Current employee

Special working climate, low wages, good working hours

The working climate is not always good, the wages are very low but good working hours...

Translated from German

12 Januar 2018

The team was great. But how the employees are treated is rather questionable with the austerity measures. And the companies do not pay attention to how the boss runs the shop. As long as the numbers are right, they let him do what he wants. That's too bad....

Translated from German

28 Dezember 2017

The advertised company philosophy is not lived. At least where I was. The team worked. The leadership is doubtful. Too bad, had expected more from such a big company....

Translated from German

04 Januar 2018

It never gets boring - good team cohesion - great superiors - foreign languages can be used...

Translated from German

03 Januar 2018

After graduating from hotel management school, I joined the SV Group as Assistant Restaurant Manager and gained my first management experience. My superiors involved me at all times and thus challenged and encouraged me. Thank you very much....

Translated from German

04 Januar 2018

Organisation is in a state of flux, there is plenty of room for manoeuvre=), despite the corporate structure a cordial and innovative culture....

Translated from German

09 Juni 2021

Former employee

Family friendly company

This works well in the company

I had a lot of freedom in the company because my numbers were always good, so mainly the productivity and the cost of goods. I could make my own working hours as long as everything worked....

This could be improved

The company claims to be family friendly but that is not the case! In other companies there are family allowances in addition to the child benefit and if the child is sick more than once a year, which may be 2-3 times with children, you have a conversation with the HR. The dismissals at the Covid ti...

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