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Numbrs is a global leading technology company. Our product is Numbrs, one of the most widely used banking apps in Germany. The app provides millions of users with the best technology platform for easily managing their personal finances and assets. Our goal is to build the smartest banking app for a...more

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Software Engineer, Web - Remote

Numbrs Personal Finance AG - Zurich

CODECO, CSS, Einfallsreichtum, Einsatzbereitschaft, Fremdsprachenkenntnisse, HTML, JavaScript, Kommunikation, Kontaktfähigkeit, Kreative ...

Senior Software Engineer, Backend (UK)

Numbrs Personal Finance AG - London, United Kingdom

Backend, Distributed Systems, Docker, Einfallsreichtum, Einsatzbereitschaft, Englisch, Java, Jira, Kontaktfähigkeit, Kreative Problemlösung, ...

Senior UX Designer - Remote

Numbrs Personal Finance AG - Zurich

Android, Deutsch, Disziplin, Englisch, Entwicklung von Mobile Apps, Exakte Arbeitsweise, Fremdsprachenkenntnisse, Führungsqualitäten, Google, ...


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over 1 year
Current employee
backend engineer

You will go through nice skill assessments during the interviews, everybody will be very friendly. The location is convenient and the office is very nice (although the clean desk policy is very... strict). Then the nightmare begins, the only interactions you have are with Jira tickets, the managemen...more

Translated from German
over 1 year
Impersonally high three

The motto is to make all interviews as impersonal as possible and only via Skype. The content of these conversations also leaves much to be desired.

Translated from German
about 1 year
Current employee
Unlimited employment
Willingness to invest in a long-term employee

I started at Numbrs a few months ago. I really like the fact that they cultivate their corporate culture and invest in their employees.

Over the past five years, Numbrs has grown to over 100 employees. Now the company is slowly changing into an SME. The company has a very dynamic working culture, but measures are continuously taken to standardize processes.


Numbrs Personal Finance AG

Edenstrasse 20
8045 Zürich