Popular professions in Basel-Stadt


321 salary entriesCHF 67 888Clerk

Commercial Manager

294 salary entriesCHF 66 100Commercial Manager


252 salary entriesCHF 77 851Nurse

Project Leader

218 salary entriesCHF 99 062Project Leader

Account Manager

189 salary entriesCHF 60 000Account Manager

Executive Assistant

175 salary entriesCHF 80 000Executive Assistant

Team Leader

156 salary entriesCHF 96 500Team Leader

Physician assistant

125 salary entriesCHF 68 000Physician assistant

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11 767 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the canton of Basel-Stadt?

The canton of Basel-Stadt is part of the economic area of north-western Switzerland. The median annual wage is CHF 78 006 (based on 13 165 wage entries on the free salary check from jobs.ch) and is therefore in the forefront throughout Switzerland. The main city is Basel, where most companies and jobs are located. By the way, Basel borders on France and Germany, which not only means convenient shopping around the corner, but also provides an international flair.

In which sectors in the Canton of Basel-City does one earn best?

The Utilities industry pays the highest median wage in the Canton of Basel-City, followed by the Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals sector and by the Banking/Financial institutions sector. However, the costs of housing, living and leisure activities in the canton of Basel-City are among the highest in Switzerland. Due to its location, the canton is also popular with cross-border commuters from Germany and France.