Popular professions in Basel-Landschaft


403 salary entries

CHF 69 875Clerk

Commercial Manager

370 salary entries

CHF 68 237Commercial Manager


216 salary entries

CHF 60 382Logistician

Project Leader

194 salary entries

CHF 91 425Project Leader

Team Leader

193 salary entries

CHF 86 700Team Leader


157 salary entries

CHF 81 000Nurse

Account Manager

154 salary entries

CHF 70 000Account Manager

Truck Driver

149 salary entries

CHF 61 100Truck Driver

Executive Assistant

133 salary entries

CHF 80 000Executive Assistant

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2 205 salary entries

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What is the average salary in the Canton of Basel-Land?

The Canton of Basel-Land is part of the economic area of north-western Switzerland and the Basel metropolitan region and is particularly interesting for job searches. The wages here are quite respectable; for example, the median wage in the Canton of Basel-Land is CHF 76 804 and is thus just behind Basel-City. This value is based on 12 247 entries from users on the salary check of jobs.ch. The capital of the canton is Liestal. Other attractive places for jobs are Allschwil, Arlesheim, Sissach, Waldenburg and Laufen.

What are the sectors with the best wages in Canton Basel-Land?

If you want to earn well in the canton Basel-Land, you should apply for a job in the Medical Technology sector, because here the salary is highest. Second place of the best paying sectors in the canton Basel-Land goes to the Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals industry and the third place goes to the Education sector. Many SMEs and well-known companies are represented in the Canton of Basel-Land. The cost of living is lower than in the neighbouring Canton of Basel-Stadt, which compensates for the somewhat lower wages. The canton also borders on France and Germany, which means that shopping is close by and cheaper.