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Die Schulthess Klinik in Zürich ist eine der führenden orthopädischen Kliniken Europas mit über 1‘100 Mitarbeitenden. Unser zentrales Anliegen ist es, Menschen von ihren Schmerzen zu befreien und ihre Mobilität wiederherzustellen. Als Spezialklinik konzentrieren wir uns auf chirurgische Orthopädie,...



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10 January 2019

Current employee

social competence and agility leave much to be desired

The inhumane treatment of employees in some areas is tolerated by management and the human resources department without comment. There is also a lack of a dynamic environment.

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30 September 2019

HR responsible

Hello and thanks for your critical comment. We are very interested in how you come to this assessment with regard to dealing with employees and why you do not perceive the hospital environment as dynamic. We would be pleased to be at your disposal for a confidential exchange ( or 044 385...

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04 October 2018

Current employee

Social employer

I think the Schulthess Clinic takes great care of its employees, even in turbulent times. Also, the MA are sufficiently appreciated. Communication and behaviour should be improved in the event of criticism/improvement proposals from MA to the management.

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06 June 2019

Executive / Manager

Hello and thank you very much for your feedback. Glad if you feel valued and well looked after by us. It is important to me that you are also taken seriously - especially if you have critical feedback or ideas for improving processes.

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25 June 2020

Former employee

Arrogant employees, leadership could not prevail

This works well in the company

The manager and the chief medical secretaries are very nice and loyal employees, whereas the medical secretaries are very self-centred.

This could be improved

The team members have too much power, they see every "new" employee as competition and give her no chance to integrate. The manager could not assert herself within the team. There was a fundamental restructuring, the team was very dissatisfied and annoyed.


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