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Energizing the future – this gets to the very heart of Swissgrid's function and responsibility in providing Switzerland with a reliable and sustainable electrical power supply. As the national grid company, Swissgrid operates the transmission grid (the "electricity super highways") and monitors it around the clock. This young company employs more than 390 highly qualified people from 17 countries at its sites in Laufenburg, Frick and Vevey. Rising electricity consumption, new power plants and the need to feed in electricity from renewable energies make the grid's modernisation necessary. This is a project of national importance because the Swiss electricity grid is not only of key importance in ensuring the security of the country's electrical power supply but also in terms of its contribution to our economy. All those who work for Swissgrid are committed to the future of Switzerland’s energy.

Job Offers

Security Engineer (80-100%)

Swissgrid AGAarau

25/09/2018Position with re­spon­si­bil­i­ties

Specialist Operational Planning (80-100%)

Swissgrid AG5001 Aarau

22/09/2018Position with re­spon­si­bil­i­ties

Head of Infrastructure Procurement (80-100%)

Swissgrid AGRegion Aarau

22/09/2018Executive po­si­tion80% – 100%


1.01 review

Als Bewerber fühlt man sich nicht wirklich willkommen

Swissgrid verfolgt eine etwas spezielle Form der MA Rekrutierung. Stellen werden ausgeschrieben, lange Zeit offen gehalten, dann über Vermittler ausgeschrieben, dann wieder intern. Ob diese Stelle(n) wirklich vakant sind, ist nicht so recht klar.


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Swissgrid AG

Bleichemattstrasse 31
5001 Aarau

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