Popular professions in Geneva

Accounting Clerk

516 salary entriesCHF 84 191Accounting Clerk

Account Manager

507 salary entriesCHF 58 500Account Manager

Executive Assistant

363 salary entriesCHF 89 378Executive Assistant


294 salary entriesCHF 56 595Receptionist

HR Assistant

278 salary entriesCHF 71 500HR Assistant


276 salary entriesCHF 150 000CEO

Office Secretary

243 salary entriesCHF 66 000Office Secretary

Accounting Assistant

211 salary entriesCHF 67 750Accounting Assistant

Truck Driver

209 salary entriesCHF 60 000Truck Driver

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33 684 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the Canton of Geneva?

The French-speaking Canton of Geneva is a popular region for living and working, not only because of the beautiful Lake Geneva. Wages in this region are attractive; the median annual salary in the Canton of Geneva is CHF 77 374 and is therefore in the outermost frontline when compared to other cantons. This value is based on 21 563 entries on the salary comparison tool of jobs.ch. The capital of the canton is Geneva, where the most interesting jobs are also available, especially for people who speak German, French and English. Places like Lancy, Meyrin, Vernier or Plan-les-Ouates also play a role in the job search.

Which industries pay particularly well in the Canton of Geneva?

Thanks to the data from the jobs.ch salary check, we have identified the three best-paying sectors in the Canton of Geneva. First place goes to Banking/Financial institutions, second to Information technology/Telecom. and third to Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals. The cost of living is high, comparable to Zurich, but the canton borders on France, where cheaper shopping facilities are available. Despite the high cost of housing or leisure activities, the ratio between wages and expenses is very attractive and the quality of life is high.