Popular professions in Vaud

Administrative Assistant

1 058 salary entriesCHF 67 303Administrative Assistant

Commercial Manager

1 018 salary entriesCHF 62 612Commercial Manager

Account Manager

750 salary entriesCHF 54 975Account Manager

Accounting Clerk

598 salary entriesCHF 80 000Accounting Clerk


562 salary entriesCHF 77 842Nurse

HR Assistant

443 salary entriesCHF 71 805HR Assistant

Executive Assistant

429 salary entriesCHF 80 762Executive Assistant

Administration Manager

415 salary entriesCHF 73 431Administration Manager


394 salary entriesCHF 60 000Logistician

Accounting Assistant

389 salary entriesCHF 67 600Accounting Assistant

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43 404 salary entries



21 564 salary entries



9 755 salary entries



7 631 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the canton of Vaud?

The French-speaking canton of Vaud is interesting for the job market. The median wage there is CHF 73 721. This puts the wages in Vaud in the upper third compared to the rest of Switzerland. This value was calculated on the basis of all 33 686 entries on jobs.ch's salary check for Vaud. There are particularly many jobs in the capital Lausanne, but cities such as Vevey, Yverdon-les-Bains, Montreux or Nyon also have numerous companies that regularly advertise jobs.

What are the sectors in the canton of Vaud that pay the best salaries?

Wages in the canton of Vaud, like in the rest of Switzerland, vary considerably between sectors. The data of the salary check show us that in the canton of Vaud the Medical Technology sector pays the highest wages. The second highest salaries in the Canton of Vaud are paid in the Banking/Financial institutions sector, followed by the Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals industry. If you know German and French, you have a good chance of getting a job in the canton of Vaud. The cost of living tends to be high, although there are big differences between the towns.