Popular professions in Thurgau


269 salary entries

CHF 66 300Clerk

Commercial Manager

215 salary entries

CHF 62 400Commercial Manager


189 salary entries

CHF 79 300Nurse


174 salary entries

CHF 60 000Logistician

Project Leader

149 salary entries

CHF 88 400Project Leader


136 salary entries

CHF 62 325Polymechanic

Team Leader

121 salary entries

CHF 84 500Team Leader

Account Manager

118 salary entries

CHF 66 150Account Manager

Truck Driver

111 salary entries

CHF 63 700Truck Driver

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102 865 salary entries


St. Gallen

22 977 salary entries



3 421 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the canton of Thurgau?

In the canton of Thurgau, which is located in the east of Switzerland, the median gross wage is CHF 71 547 (information based on 9 146 wage entries on the free salary check from jobs.ch). There are particularly many jobs and companies in the main town of Frauenfeld and in the cities of Arbon, Kreuzlingen and Weinfelden. Around Lake Constance, many people work in tourism.

In which sectors does one earn best in Thurgau?

Utilities is the sector which pays the highest wages in the canton, then comes Education and on place 3 follows Banking / Financial institutions. The costs for housing, living and leisure activities are less high in Thurgau than in Central Switzerland or in the largest Swiss cities. Due to its location, this rural canton is also popular with cross-border commuters from Austria and Germany. In contrast, many Thurgauers travel to neighboring countries for shopping to take advantage of the lower prices there.