Popular professions in Zurich


3 109 salary entriesCHF 70 127Clerk

Commercial Manager

1 926 salary entriesCHF 67 601Commercial Manager

Project Leader

1 916 salary entriesCHF 100 161Project Leader

Account Manager

1 687 salary entriesCHF 75 214Account Manager

Executive Assistant

1 561 salary entriesCHF 84 587Executive Assistant


1 346 salary entriesCHF 83 001Nurse

Team Leader

1 305 salary entriesCHF 96 462Team Leader

Software Engineer

1 204 salary entriesCHF 100 023Software Engineer


1 106 salary entriesCHF 150 000CEO

Product Manager

1 052 salary entriesCHF 103 806Product Manager

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30 374 salary entries


St. Gallen

21 927 salary entries



9 700 salary entries



8 686 salary entries



5 465 salary entries



3 265 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the canton of Zurich?

The Canton of Zurich is, along with Zug, the canton with the highest wages in the whole of Switzerland. The median wage in the Canton of Zurich is CHF 82 464 and is considerably higher than in all other cantons of the country. This value is based on 98 206 entries on the salary check of jobs.ch. There are particularly many jobs in the economic centre of Zurich, but also in Winterthur, at Zurich Airport or around Uster and Bülach. The Canton of Zurich is an internationally renowned economic centre and a popular financial centre with countless global corporations.

What are the highest paid industries in Zurich?

If you would like to work in the Canton of Zurich, you earn exceptionally well in some sectors. The Banking/Financial institutions sector pays the highest wages, on the second place follows the Information technology/Telecom. industry and the bronze medal goes to the Medical Technology sector. It should be noted, however, that the cost of living in the Canton of Zurich is the highest in all of Switzerland. But despite the high cost of housing or leisure activities, the ratio between wages and expenses is still very attractive.