Popular professions in Lucerne


630 salary entriesCHF 66 969Clerk

Commercial Manager

490 salary entriesCHF 61 750Commercial Manager

Project Leader

415 salary entriesCHF 91 516Project Leader


380 salary entriesCHF 59 767Logistician


280 salary entriesCHF 75 200Nurse

Account Manager

265 salary entriesCHF 63 700Account Manager

Team Leader

255 salary entriesCHF 84 000Team Leader

Retail Salesperson

206 salary entriesCHF 52 325Retail Salesperson

Truck Driver

196 salary entriesCHF 63 000Truck Driver

Executive Assistant

189 salary entriesCHF 81 000Executive Assistant

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What is the average wage in the Canton of Lucerne?

The median wage in the Canton of Lucerne (including all jobs in all sectors) is CHF 72 933. This figure is based on 18 022 wage entries for the canton based on the free salary comparison tool by jobs.ch. In the capital Lucerne with over 80'000 inhabitants, the economy is particularly flourishing and therefore there are always vacancies. But other places in the canton such as Emmen, Kriens or Ebikon are also interesting for job searches.

Which sectors in the Canton of Lucerne have the highest wages?

Wages in Switzerland not only vary from canton to canton, but also vary between sectors. In the canton of Lucerne the Information technology/Telecom. sector pays the highest wages, the second-best wages in the canton of Lucerne are in the Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals sector and the third place of the best paying sectors goes to the Utilities. The cost of living in Lucerne is high, but still lower than in Zurich or Geneva. For leisure time, there are activities in and around Lake Lucerne and in the mountains.