Popular professions in Zug


280 salary entriesCHF 70 000Clerk

Executive Assistant

190 salary entriesCHF 83 066Executive Assistant

Commercial Manager

180 salary entriesCHF 64 000Commercial Manager

Accounting Clerk

180 salary entriesCHF 90 000Accounting Clerk

Project Leader

169 salary entriesCHF 100 100Project Leader

Account Manager

163 salary entriesCHF 74 000Account Manager

Product Manager

152 salary entriesCHF 96 000Product Manager


145 salary entriesCHF 180 000CEO

Software Engineer

124 salary entriesCHF 100 000Software Engineer


110 salary entriesCHF 62 400Logistician

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98 196 salary entries



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5 463 salary entries

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What is the average wage in Canton Zug?

The canton of Zug is one of the most popular regions in Switzerland for finding a job, because the median wage in Zug is CHF 84 492 and is therefore higher than in all other regions of Switzerland. This value is the median of 9 700 wage entries on the free salary check of jobs.ch. In and around the main town of Zug, there are countless large companies and international corporations, but there are also many jobs in Cham, Baar, Risch and around Lake Aegeri.

In which sectors does one earn best in Canton Zug?

The following sectors in Canton Zug pay the best wages: Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals, followed by Utilities and Banking/Financial institutions. Although the cost of living is high here, especially for housing, a big advantage in Canton Zug is that taxes are particularly low here. Working and living in Canton Zug can therefore be financially attractive. Major Swiss cities such as Zurich and Zug are less than half an hour away and Lake Zug and Lake Aegeri and the mountains are particularly popular for leisure activities.