Popular professions in Neuchâtel

Commercial Manager

199 salary entries

CHF 61 100Commercial Manager


187 salary entries

CHF 57 000Operator

Account Manager

176 salary entries

CHF 52 360Account Manager

Clock Maker

142 salary entries

CHF 61 690Clock Maker

Quality Engineer

136 salary entries

CHF 70 100Quality Engineer

CNC Machine Operator

106 salary entries

CHF 64 394CNC Machine Operator

Accounting Clerk

97 salary entries

CHF 81 360Accounting Clerk

HR Assistant

93 salary entries

CHF 68 900HR Assistant


82 salary entries

CHF 61 142Logistician

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2 206 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the Canton of Neuchâtel?

Whoever is interested in a job in the canton of Neuchâtel can expect a wage of 70 379 there. This is the median wage in the canton of Neuchâtel/Neuchâtel, taking into account all professions and sectors. This is the value obtained by calculating all 7 750 wage entries on the free salary comparison tool of jobs.ch. The Canton of Neuchâtel is particularly well known for the watch industry. The main town is Neuchâtel, but La Chaux-de-Fonds has even more inhabitants and jobs. Other interesting places to look for a job in the Canton of Neuchâtel are Le Locle, Val-de-Ruz or Val-de-Travers.

In which sectors do I earn best in the Canton of Neuchâtel?

The Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals sector pays the best wages in the Canton of Neuchâtel. Followed by the Education industry, and then by the Utilities industry. The cost of living in this French-speaking canton is lower than in most regions of German-speaking Switzerland. In addition, neighbouring France is popular for cheaper shopping. The Lake of Neuchâtel, the largest lake entirely within Switzerland, is particularly appreciated in the region.