Popular professions in Jura

Commercial Manager

104 salary entries

CHF 58 500Commercial Manager


59 salary entries

CHF 48 600Operator

CNC Machine Operator

57 salary entries

CHF 58 000CNC Machine Operator


41 salary entries

CHF 58 760Polisher

Account Manager

37 salary entries

CHF 50 000Account Manager

Quality Engineer

35 salary entries

CHF 56 000Quality Engineer


33 salary entries

CHF 54 600Logistician

CNC Turner

33 salary entries

CHF 71 500CNC Turner

Clock Maker

31 salary entries

CHF 53 913Clock Maker

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7 516 salary entries

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What is the average salary in the Canton of Jura?

The median annual salary in the Canton of Jura, including any bonus payments, is CHF 65 000. This results are based on 2 125 wage entries on the salary check by jobs.ch for this canton. There are job vacancies mainly in the main town of Delémont and in the larger towns of Porrentruy or Courroux. France as well as the important Swiss cities Basel or Bern are in direct proximity. French is spoken in the Jura.

What are the sectors that pay best in the Canton of Jura?

Thanks to the jobs.ch salary check, we have found out which sectors in the Canton of Jura pay the best wages: Consulting various, followed by Education and in third place Public administration / Associations. Wages in the Canton of Jura are rather in the lower third compared to the rest of Switzerland, but the much lower cost of living can make up for this. The Jura suits people, who appreciate the peace and quiet far away from the big cities.