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One app and the job world of Switzerland is all yours. Thanks to the job search app of jobs.ch you have access to more than 60'000 jobs and more than 30'000 employees. The job offers of this career app cover all occupational fields and regions of Switzerland.

The most important advantages of our career app for Switzerland:

  • Receive push notifications for job offers that correspond to you. Like this you are always up-to-date without even searching yourself.
  • Save job offers in the Favorites. Remember jobs on the go and apply later when you have more time.
  • Thanks to your jobs.ch profile you always have your application documents with you. Like this you can apply anytime.
  • The commuting time to the concerned company is calculated automatically.
  • The work region can be localized directly with the drawing function.
  • Thanks to the guided category search you will easily find your future job.

The job search app of jobs.ch is free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android. This will make your job search much easier. Try out the best career app of Switzerland right now.