Popular professions in Solothurn


410 salary entries

CHF 65 000Clerk

Commercial Manager

348 salary entries

CHF 64 844Commercial Manager


341 salary entries

CHF 60 470Logistician

Project Leader

231 salary entries

CHF 94 700Project Leader

Team Leader

218 salary entries

CHF 83 591Team Leader


182 salary entries

CHF 66 250Polymechanic

Order Picker

165 salary entries

CHF 58 500Order Picker

Truck Driver

161 salary entries

CHF 63 000Truck Driver


140 salary entries

CHF 78 000Nurse

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2 204 salary entries

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What is the average wage in the Canton of Solothurn?

Are you interested in jobs and wages in the Canton of Solothurn? The median annual salary in the Canton of Solothurn is CHF 73 953 and is therefore in the upper half of the scale in Switzerland. This information is based on 12 693 users on jobs.ch who have entered their wages there. In addition to the main town of Solothurn, other places such as Grenchen, Olten or Dornach are particularly interesting for job searches.

Which sectors pay best in the Canton of Solothurn?

There are jobs in the Canton of Solothurn in a wide variety of sectors. But you probably earn best in the sector Utilities, because the calculation of our jobs.ch salary check showed that the best median wage in the Canton of Solothurn is paid here. The Education sector comes second, followed by the Legal / Business advice sector. The cost of living is roughly equivalent to the Swiss average. France and cities like Zurich and Bern can be reached in about half an hour.